Tips to Hit Big Shots In Cricket

Tips to Hit Big Shots In Cricket

Tips to Hit Big Shots In Cricket

There is no greater joy that a batsman in this sport to see the shot in sky, the rope of the first six races sail down can sometimes include the displacement of 100 yards or plus. So bad shot is obtained, it can be taken out by a fielder. therefore it is important to know how to play the big shots, and when to spielen Nehmen it your hat. Keep watching the pitcher, as he runs and throws the ball. Keep your eye on the bouncing Ball.

English Village Cricket
English Village Cricket

When the ball was thrown. Briefly, then move on to the back foot when the ball upward and move the front foot, the foot is in the direction in which is thrown the ball falls. Play a hook shot for the ball where it was launched on the cut side of the leg and Lahausse at about shoulder height in life when you are at your racket. Move the bat in a horizontal movement, allowing you to connect with the ball when it is in front of the eyes. So that the ball has a high trajectory after contact of the angle of the club face with his other hand.

Swing through and complete the picture, so that the bar blade ends behind his back. the ball moves to the left in direction can wait a bit to be you lassen. Machen a good attraction for the ball, which in the hand or the leg strains and bounce was cut around the waist launched.

how to hit big shots in cricket

Move the bat in a horizontal movement, straighten your arms as you connect with the ball in the middle of the waist and chest height. To give the exercise ball, let your lower side dominate the shooting and club face angle so that you hit the ball in the air instead of on the floor.

Oscillate, so that the stick blade ends through and complete the picture behind your back. Make a loft unit at the ball, he vomited. Set foot bounce the ball and swing across the line of the ball, any ball movement on the ground or in the air.

Keep your head down and eyes on the ball. Let your lower hand to dominate and hit the ball with the racket. In a vertical position, so that the ball flew in the direction pointer. Go – before and fill – with the blade of the stick behind his back.


  • If the ball moves in the air and out of the box, be careful shot selection, because a poorly programmed beat or shot that catches the edge of the bat – can lead to the detection in the outfield.
  • Play only blows if needed. Cause honchos unnecessary rejection can dramatically change the fate of his team in the game.
  • Take to get the bat as a full power swing. This is to catch the bat, or from the bottom of the handle (as Virender Sehwag) or from the top of the handle (as Adam Gilchrist) or elsewhere to comfortably fully extended vibration chauve- achieve mouse.

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