How to Swim Long Distance

How to Swim Long Distance

Swimming is one of the forms of exercise to work every muscle in the body. Even a fast race in a pool can be given a decent workout. One day you might have to swim a long distance, either by choice or necessity. Here are some tips to consider:
• To extend the bath, the travel speed of life. Most learned the crawl use to swim. Always favoring the sprint, use the rescuers to get into a victim and what most triathletes are based on race. Tracing is a great way to generate body heat when you go into a cold body of water, because it will not take long to warm. Be sure that your face to put in the water to relax neck and give your body a better plan of the surface of the water.
Unfortunately, the track is not the easiest career is to keep a greater distance. No phase break. They are constantly on the move. Try the sudden flutter replace with scissors occur during scanning. Although the arms are kept in motion, the legs have a break. This coup is now known as Trudgen.

• Vary your shots, different muscle groups are not working to fatigue. Once you have done Trudgen for a while, switch to a breaststroke. Remember again to keep his head in the water as it slides. A Helping chest at a rate when your body at rest is just after the kick motion and arm. Other shots of the period of complete rest comprise both primary boiler career. Try to make your moves as efficiently as possible, go for smoothness in execution. Pay particular attention to the amount of water moving with his arms and legs, varying the angle of attack, until you get the power of their movements.

• Hypothermia is always a risk in long-distance swimming. It is rare in the water to swim near the body temperature. If there is ever to swim long distances in the ocean, it’s a good idea to wear a wetsuit or surf. Some combinations are specifically for swimming with cut-outs for the full rotation of the arm in the sea. If the water is particularly cold, a swimming cap is a great idea. We lose a lot of heat through your head.
• If you ever have to leave a boat in the water in a last desperate act of survival, it is a good idea to wear a life jacket. If you are away from the coast, try to put on a life jacket. It can make the difference between fatigue and succumbing to breathe drowning or standing and air, when it is stored. In another publication I wrote about how to swim with clothes. His suit can also be used as a float.
• If you have a lake, select a landmark swim face. You may need to adjust the direction you offset swimming power.
• If you make long distance swimming for workout, it’s a good idea to jump on the surf line and parallel swimming to the coast instead of swimming in a straight line. Thus, in a patrolled beach, you are never far from a life guard post.
• Another option is to collect miles, to have someone to row or paddle on a boat to the next. Make sure that you have practiced , board the ship before it should. Few boats bend more easily than the canoes and kayaks, so if you get a cramp could be problematic.

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