Common Knee Injuries

Common Knee Injuries

Knees are seen as being the single most affected part of the body than any other part while playing sports. They are the most vulnerable and can easily be damaged during sport activities, exercising, or as a result of a fall. Pain, swelling, difficultly with weight bearing, and instability are seen as being the most common symptoms experienced with a knee injury.

Common Knee Injuries
Common Knee Injuries

1. Sprains and Strains

These are injuries to the ligaments. These injuries are extremely common is sports such as soccer, football, basketball, where the knee may be affected due to a sudden twisting motion, an intense change in direction, and landing incorrectly. Symptoms also include tenderness along the joint line and pain whilst walking.

2. Meniscus Tear

This generally happens when the knee twists, pivots or an individual is tackled. This happens very often while playing various kinds of sports. The various symptoms include pain, stiffness around the knee, locking and decreased range of motion.

3. Fracture

Fracture is caused most often by trauma, such as falls, sports related contact and other ways. The most common broken bone around the knee is the patella.

4. Dislocation

It occurs when the bones in the knees go out of place. This is could be partially or completed dislocated. Dislocations are very common while playing different sports, and are most commonly caused by high energy trauma, such as falls.

Thus, people need to be very cautious while playing sports. Although playing sports can be extremely good for the body as a whole, we must never overlook the problems that may accompany us while we are playing them.

However, knee injuries are also easy to be treated with simple measures, such as bracing and strengthening exercises. But it is always best to prevent all these mishaps from taking place from the beginning instead of it happening and then trying to cure it.

These knee injuries can be treated in one of the two ways: nonsurgical or surgical treatments. Simple measures such as immobilization, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medicines. These medicines can differ from one type of knee injury to another and thus should not be taken without the prescription of a doctor, as it could be highly dangerous to consume a medicine without the doctor checking the knee injury first.

However again, we come back to the fact that although knee injuries are very common, this shouldn’t be taken as a reason as to why anyone should stop playing sports, as there are way too many benefits of playing various kinds of sports that triumphs over its drawbacks, that are not common at all if precautions are taken by the player.

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