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How to Prevent Neck Pain While Cycling

How to Prevent Neck Pain While Cycling

People are not designed for cycling. To begin, we have to keep our feet on the ground bike completely changed the weight distribution through the muscles and the spine, but also bend your back and neck in a abnormal position.

The neck, must make particular, so you can see where it goes in the wrong sitting position, this can be very extreme. As his and stared into space for hours, it’s no wonder muscles neck is tired and irritable.

how to prevent neck pain while cycling

Minor Adjustments

  • If you experience some discomfort and pain on long trips, the chances are that can easily be solved with positioning, long before they get a problem out of control.
  • Look on the bright side. It is unlikely that your case as Michael Shermer is so bad during the fight against the arduous 3000 miles Race Across America, Shermer neck muscles become so tired that simply failed and he already unable been, ever to keep the His team had to build a makeshift rope elastic brace to keep the head in a position that allowed him to see where he was going, so you can to the end.
  • An extreme example is indeed the extent of the neck Shermer “now used officially recognized a term to describe this condition.


Fortunately, the human body is its experience extremely versatile and with little consideration for the position should the bike easily and painlessly through the corresponding wheel and  In this issue, we offer simple tips to follow prevention and we forget that cycling is one of the “friendly” forms the body of the exercise.

Your Position

  • It is quite clear that the driving position right alignment of the neck and spine concerns in particular the position of the handlebars and implementation is crucial.
  • To prevent changes to the handlebar position or to correct problems is very simple, that changes in this area of the motorcycle without much mechanical expertise readily achieved. You can make changes to the bike to make quick and relatively inexpensive with almost immediate remedial action.
  • A major concern is bars overboard, make the neck, is definitely “tense” or overstretched. This can be a combination of not only the extent to which the handle of the chair, but also downwards, they are change the handlebar position
  • You may have to make one of these settings to have the desired effect, but it is more likely that a combination of a better result.

Increasing the Handlebar Height

Mother spacers: derived unlimited modern wire from the amount of movement upwards and protrudes downward available, mounted as directly connected to the tube holder address to reach the maximum height, all the partitions are all can be brought under the shaft, they positioning as bearing the highest tube.


* Note: Do not go too far the top of the stem should be above the top of the steering column for your safety most a few millimeters to be …

Angle of them: If you can not get enough height with spacers and a positive increase in strain, a pointing upwards, it is an alternative or additional method angle that the mother may be modified increases, more available to give more or less appropriate. Some bars you can adjust the angle of reality rise to find an optimal position.

Adapter: If none of these methods provides sufficient changes, drawings and / or specific root adapters are available then too much to extend further, but where they are needed, it is doubtful that the motorcycle first with your needs.

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